Here Lately

Life has been a little crazy here lately. We’ve had family in town, 4 birthdays to celebrate in March, LOTS of sickness and transitions with the hubs work life. We are on our second round of the flu here and I can’t wait until it is fully gone. I started feeling sick on Saturday evening and was up most of the night sick. I tried to stay locked away in my room most of Sunday while Dustin tended to Jude’s needs. By Monday morning, I was starting to feel better but Jude started to get sick. He has been whiney and very cuddly most of the day but seems to have gotten a small burst of energy this afternoon. I am hoping it all passes and that we can get everything sanitized/washed in the next day or two.
Dustin finally found a good candidate for his Assistant Manager opening at the store. This one has been a LONG time coming! He has been working 60+ hours a week plus 45 minute commutes each way since the end of October. This has been an exhausting time for him trying to fill the position and run the store with just two managers. I am excited to say that in a couple of weeks he will have his first full weekend off since the end of October! I am so thankful he works so hard for our family and am glad we will get to have him around a little more often!
In March we celebrated Taylor, Melissa, Mine and my mom’s birthdays! March is always busy for birthdays but since 3 of them fall on the 5th (Taylor, Melissa and I) we usually get most of them done in one big party. This year we had to wait a week to celebrate so that Melissa, Tyler and Adley could come into town. We had a wonderful weekend full of pedicures with all the girls, feeding the Elk and Bison, the park, and a nice dinner at Cinzetti’s Italian restaurant. It was a wonderfully exhausting weekend but I loved every minute of it!
I am hoping as the weather starts to change into Spring that it will actually warm up around here. Jude loves to be outside and I hope we can start going on evening walks and get into a routine of being outdoors more. We have some fun things planned in April so I am excited for the weeks ahead! (One of these things may be opening day at the K for the start of the Royal’s Baseball season!!!)



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