In the beginning…

Welcome to my little corner of the world. I aim to express myself, share inspirations, open up about life and the daily grind. This blog is named flip flops & yoga pants because 9 times out of 10 that is my daily uniform. I will try and post things a couple of times a week and you can expect to see these kinds of things on my blog…

  • A glimpse into our daily life- I would like this to be a place that I can keep track of the little and big things so I can look back on them later.
  • Recipes- I love to cook and simple or semi-homemade is my kind of jam. If I find something good I will try and share it.
  • Occasional Crafts/Thrifty updates- I don’t find myself doing these a ton (although I’d like to be doing it more) but when I do I hope to share.
  • Things I deem important- whether it be political, religious, or something we’ve been through, if I think it will benefit others and I think it is important I will probably write about it here.

Thanks for stopping by and entering into this journey with us!



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